If you’re in need of fast and reliable Elevated Trucking Services, look no further than Elevated Transportation Trucking LLC. Benefit from our wide range of urgent & direct freight solutions that serve nearly every industry on the East Coast with the utmost in speed, efficiency and security.

Here at Elevated Transportation LLC , we understand the pressures that come with needing dependable and secure Elevated Transportation. That’s why we offer freight solutions with the versatility you need to maximize speed and cost efficiency. With our wide range of transport options, we can accommodate any medium-sized freight or large palletized items.

One of the many benefits of working with Elevated Transportation is our capacity to handle any medium-sized freight or large palletized cargo. We utilize numerous Expedited and Elevated Transportation options, including 53-foot tractor trailers, 24-foot straight trucks, cargo van fleet operations, flatbeds and much more. We’re ready to manage all of your time critical freight.

Elevated Transportation LLC Transport options:

•Truckload (48 ft. or 53 ft.)
•Power Only

Our Mission

One of the many benefits of working with Elevated Transportation LLC is having access to our expert customer service team. With around-the-clock availability, knowledgeable professionals are always on-hand to answer questions and give updates so you’re never in the dark. In addition you have the safety and reliability of dedicated trucking no matter how large or small your expedited load is. For Elevated trucking, trust our blend of know-how and commitment the next time you need Elevated shipping help.

On-time delivery is our goal for all of our expedited services, allowing you to relax and know we’re managing your direct freight throughout.

To benefit from Elevated Transportation LLC Transportation solutions that you can rely on, request a quote from Elevated Transportation LLC today. When on time delivery is your priority we’re equipped to assist.